FRANCE 2022 2023 2024
New Year’s Day January 1st January 1st January 1st
Easter Monday April 18th April 10th April 1st
Labour Day  May 1st May 1st May 1st
WWII Victory Day May 8th May 8th May 8th
Ascension Day May 26th May 18th May 9th
Pentecost Monday June 6th May 29th May 20th
National Day July 14th July 14th July 14th
Assumption Day August 15th August 15th August 15th
All Saints’ Day November 1st November 1st November 1st
Armistice Day November 11th November 11th November 11th
Christmas December 25th December 25th December 25th
Morocco 2022 2023 2024
New Year’s Day January 1st January 1st January 1st
Proclamation of Independence January 11th January 11th January 11th
Eid Al Mawlid - - -
Labour Day May 1st May 1st May 1st
Eid Al Fitr - - -
Throne Day July 30th July 30th July 30th
Oued Ed-Dahab Day August 14th Augusut 14th August 14th
Revolution of the King and the People August 20th August 20th August 20th
Youth Day August 21st August 21st August 21st
Awal Muharram - - -
New Year’s DayJanuary 1stJanuary 1stJanuary 1st
Eid Al Mawlid---
Labour DayMay 1stMay 1stMay 1st
Eid Al Fitr---
Awal Muharram---
Eid al-Adha---
Revolution and Youth DayJanuary 14thJanuary 14thJanuary 14th
Independence DayMarch 20thMarch 20thMarch 20th
Martyrs’ DayApril 9thApril 9thApril 9th
Republic DayJuly 25thJuly 25thJuly 25th